In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet

Proposal for Abdolali Adib Boroumand,Nobel Nominations in Literature

Dear Sirs/Madams,
We are hereby honored to nominate Mr. Abdolali Adib Boroumand, Iran’s National Poet, political and human rights activist, for the 2009 Nobel Prize for literature.
Mr. Boroumand, Born 1924, in the city of Isfahan, a lawyer by academics and profession, a linguist and literary icon, has been one of the most renowned poets of Iranian modern history. His seven books of poetry are collection of hundreds of poems he has written all in support of people’s struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights. His latest collection of poems in support of freedom movements around the world named “Message of Freedom” has been translated into 8 other languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean Tagalog and Esperanto, and is being translated into a dozen more. His fans in Asian and western countries are dubbing him as an “International Poet” and setting up a multi-lingual site in order to make his works accessible internationally.
His other books of collection are called “Moaning of Motherland”, “Familiar Pain”, Song of Liberation”, Secret of Flight” and “Fruits of Being” among others.
What makes Mr. Boroumand a special case in literature, aside from the literary quality of his poems and their delicateness and sensitivity, is the fact that he has been a political activist all his life, opposing tyranny and corruption, and struggling for democracy and human rights. Because of his political opposition activities during the Pahlavi monarchy and the Islamic Republic, he’s been jailed, refused media access or otherwise limited in public activities.
He’s been addresses by colleagues and people who know him as Iran’s undisputed national poet. He has been in serving in the leadership council of Iran National Front, Iran’s oldest and most respected democratic political party and is now the head of INF Central Council as well.
Upon invitation by the esteemed Academy, his full biography, works and support letters and signatures by many Iranian and international professors of literature and linguistics from the universities in Iran and abroad will be provided.
Respectfully submitted, Kourosh Zaim, President