In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet

MESSAGE of FREEDOM is composed in order to defend love of freedom movements in the capitalized countries and partisanship of peace and freedom

Adib Boroumand added, "At present my selected poems that consist of collections of poems in the books by the names of Message of Freedom, The Song of Deliverance, Season's Flowers, and Pain Aquatinted that is published by Negah publications."
Adib Boroumand reminded, "I have been sensitive about the freedom and independence of my country "Iran" since I was 17 or 18 years old. I was a patriot and nationalist and have tried to fight against capitalism whether East or West. By the way I have been sensitive about the destiny of my own country and other countries. At the result I have always felt that a nationalist should be sensitive about the destiny of his own and other countries. Thinking thus I composed many poems that were affected by this sense and by the compiling of them the Message of Freedom was written that was translated into English by Feridoon Kamalinia. Although it was a difficult work but the translation became a fine work.