In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


The most precious manuscript copy of Koran in the world that was written in order to be dedicated Fatalishah e Qujar in 1219 of lunar year. Adib Boroumand,   the present owner of it dedicated this Koran to Iran National library.
Ali Akbar e Ashari, the chief of the document and national library, in this ceremony said, "This Koran was written by Zeynalabedin e Maraghee and 35 gilders have worked on it.
He added, "This Koran that was due to be dedicated to this Qajar king was kept by Qajar grand children till Pahlavi's time. In that time one of these grand children who had got this Koran asked Farah Diba to by it for Bonyad and in change to get a residential building. But this adventure prolonged for a while because these two dynasties had no more positive ideas against each other. At last this Koran was bought by one who was interested to such manuscript copies.
After taking the cover from this precious Koran Fazad e Azizzade, the senior expert of manuscript art of the national library went on talking about
this precious copy. He said this Koran that has been written in 1219of lunar years show the great school of Persian and Islamic manuscript art. This manuscript has all elements of book decorating in itself and somehow its gilding and decorating system shows that it by itself is a matchless symbol of art in this ground. The gilding of each two pages of this book differs from the next two pages. There is no point has been left without working hard in this copy.
He added, "Besides the excellent manuscript and page decorating this copy has unique paper, pen, and ink. One of the most noticeable points in this copy is Nasseraldin Shah's seal on some of its pages. This shows that this work had only been prepared in Qajar palace.