In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


Anyone who seeks help from the power of spirit, is strong
A mans worth is in his faith and his design.
Anyone who is weak in body but strong in heart
Looks like a sword that is able to defeat the opponents.
The movement, which is for stopping the supper powers’ influence
Is really a tine task for a weak nation in fact.
The East(1)- peoples movement for regaining their rights
Is a holy, sacred movement and a neat revolt.
The worth of every rise that is for protecting independence,
Is guaranteed up to the Day of Resurrection.
Eastern people should defeat Western colonization
Moslems should defeat the pagans and remove their wickedness
The great movement of Egypt is to regain its right,
It is what a nation can boast of in present time.
In order for victory to be owned by rightful Egyptians
God’s hand would protect Abdol Nasser and the like.
He who could defeat Farogh 2 in half revolution,
Like a pearl is shining on the head of the government now.
One who nationalized th9 Suez Canal fearlessly
Is Nasser whose will and effort are his help in this endeavor.
He defeated the violent enemy and then
Declared that Cairo in defeating the enemy is predominant
Who is the enemy? The policy which came from Europe,
By its arrival, Asia has a load of  grief in the heart.
One whose load of trouble is on the patient nation’s shoulder

In the guise of a messenger, created a lot of woe.
In the Egypt’s cities through various tricks
Years passed and it’s a ruler and imperious.
To have the benefit of the Canal it founded a company
In the guise of merchants. it planned to rule the lands.
Apparently a company, seeking benefit
Inside it’s a very clever and skillful diplomat.
England and France could have a great profit over there,
For these countries’ profit Egypt was a great loser.
Egypt found itself drowned in the sea of misfortune
And understood that it was because of an oppressive group.
It noticed that in asking for a help it would face
Either Eden’s’ promise or Eisenhower’s 4threat
It saw itself exhausted to a long waiting for help.
While its opponents watched its struggling for life.
It saw the colonization had penetrated its base and root
To root the people who hated the colonization most.
It saw that forming the company was not but a trick for colonization,
And at aggression had penetrated all the pillars.
Egypt’s miraculous will, finally closed
The workshop for trickery of these sorcerers;
A great act was accomplished with its iron will
Which is praisable before nations for being right.
Egypt protected Abdol Nasser as well as
Algeria follows Abdol Qader’s5 footsteps.
Praise be upon Egypt that rescued itself
From the enemies’ oppression and now is thankful and eminent.
The charter of generosity. a fine ornament, became Egypt’s own
That is why its firm will issues its description all.
The Aswan Dam 6will be built on the Nile River
To change every desert to green lands.
Iranians wish a victory for Egypt
Since it was inspired by Iran’s movement.
Proclaim the right with the call of the poem, O Adib!
There are several effects in a poet’s pleasant talk.
1.    The East: The eastern hemisphere of the world.
2.    Male Farogh: The deposed king of Egypt reigning before the revolution in 1952.
3.    Eden: The English prime minister in  whose cabinet the 1952 expedition to Egypt took place. . The global condemnation resulting his resignation.
4.    Eisenhower: U.S.A president (1952 — 1960).
5.    Abdol Qader: nattoital hero from Algeria in the war with France (1932-1847)
6.    The building of the Aswan Dam had always been the Egyptian’s wish.