In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


Bravo Moroccans! The dear and brave nation
All praise to you and your foe-breaker people.
Praise be upon the nation that created bravery and
In guarding their country were not afraid of death.
Praise be upon the auspicious mother of the motherland
Who fostered such liberty loving men on her lap.
One whose iron fist broke the enemy’s mace
How could the chain of slavery be on his neck?
Those whose shirts were bloodstained for their country
The attires of honor and glory suit them well.
If his opponent were as strong as Rostam 1
He wouldn’t fear because of being brazen -bodied.
Look at Morocco for a while, when
Its trees and gardens are watered with pure blood.
The firmament lion is the guard of the groves of its lions
Up to the time its nation’s work is venturing their lives.
The Moroccan’s movement for independence is a surety
For the right of life and the eternity of its land.
In order to wear the robe of honor and freedom
His shirt would become red tulip colored for his fatherland.
In the man for man battle against the enemies
Sometimes blood flows in his quarters and his towns.
To guard the honor of his home he sacrifices his life
Then you find his grave in the honorable land.
In the way of guarding fatherland, his brave mother
Doesn’t wail when she sees her dead son.

When he attacks the enemy’s dwelling, like storm
Woe to his destroyed foe from his strength and furious roaring sound
He strengthened the chain of unity like chains of mountains,
The foundation of effort became steadfast like his iron mountains,
May his chain of promise and his firm friendship not be broken,
And may the foundation of his patience and firmness become fast.
France, the cradle of freedom, in the time of revolution
Bestowed many sacrifices to defeat its foes!
That who issued the manifesto of human rights 3
How was she satisfied to be aggressive to the oppressed?
That who issued the declaration of nations,
Why did she try to destroy it cruelly and hard?
Since the scroll of Colonization was disesteemed
It must be put aside as a warning to all.
Brave are Moroccans by whose movement
Ebn Yousef regained his throne and crown.
The leader who was not safe for the enmity of his enemies.
By the revolution of his nation, came back to his refuge.
One who ruled the hearts once came back to his home.
Morocco became a flower garden by his getting back.
Along this story Paris was examined well,
And surrendered to Morocco with all its strength.
Such a divine success it is as the result of unity
That was established in its best face.
A nation lasts through duration of unity,
Or else sign of annihilation would be clearly seen on its surroundings
In order for the enemy not to be able to surprise attack by night
May God’s favor protect this great movement.
Live for ever from now on, Adib!
To be able to see Morocco free from its opponents’ ill thoughts.

1.    Rostam: A great epic hero from Iran.

2.    Brazen-bodied or Roovintan is Isfandyar a fabulous hero from Turkestan.
He was the opponent of Rostam.

3.    The manifesto of human rights that was the basis of the elements of fundamental law in France was prepared and regulated in seventeen essentials and was inserted in the beginning of 1791’s law. The overseers of codification and regulation of these essentials are Laffaytte. Talyran. A.B.C.. and Moyneh.