In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


When I saw vagrants’ disposition of living
My heart was filled with sorrow and I felt sad
 They all have been driven away from their home
And complain about having no lodgings.
They are moaning like birds
Which are away from their nests
Being scattered in every quarter
They are lamenting in remembering their home.
They look at Palestine from far horizons
With a look that resembles a dejected soul.
They have left many memories over there in Palestine
They remember the time when they were young.
They are away from their old land
And tear their collars in begrudging
And moan when they see the wind of fall
Plunders the flower garden of their hopes
They have lost their property and prosperity
They beg because of poverty and debility.
Many of scholars and learned men
Live in the ambushes as watch.
Many farmers in many houses
Have become like a bow for hard work.
With little income but working a lot
One thinks they work gratuitously.
Everywhere they are, because of hunger,
They’ make evident their saffron-colored faces.
Peace be with this nation
Who fights bravely with the cruel foe
To drive away the usurper from their lands
They fight and color their bodies with their blood.
They assault the enemy very hard
As warriors assault their enemies
They attack the enemies’ residence every now and then
With an immense and sudden attack
They are not afraid of any thing that may arise
They, themselves welcome death sincerely.
They are full of zeal, they are full of honor,
They sacrifice their lives for their fatherland.
They sacrifice their lives and bodies.
To drive away the usurper and save their home
Iii    a powerful heroic method
They fight with the cruel foe
Bravo warlike warriors
Who fight hard with the foe
Bravo groups of champions who try hard
In this way through the world
It deserves if Moslems cooperate
In this holy war and with these holy men
Until the powerful men of the West
Pay attention to this truth
Until these oppressed people get back
To their ancient and lovely nests
Then all the sympathetic friends with Adib
Will jubilate for thanking the victory best