In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


Praise be upon the pomp rising of Tunis and Egypt

That bestowed the ornament of honor in the name of Tunis and Egypt

As soon as they rose manly in this rising

They promoted to the highest elevation the position of Tunis and Egypt

They were captive of cruel governor’s oppression

That poured the poison of enmity in the cup of Tunis and Egypt

As soon as the oppression disregarded the right of freedom

All people in individual and group rose to support the freedom of Tunis and Egypt

Things were for neglected oppressors

But after this rising things were for Tunis and Egypt

When the breeze of freedom blew by the rising

The smell of happiness was felt by Tunis and Egypt

Invisible messenger angle ordered that patience is enough

Why should all tolerate the oppression of the discipline of Tunis and Egypt?

Where is the national zeal? Where is the help of heroes?

To blow the horn of triumph on the roof of Tunis and Egypt

The oppressive governors of the world were warned

By the happy movement and pure rising of Tunis and Egypt

It is better the free men and broad minded leave the government

To the wise and intelligent people of Tunis and Egypt

Tunis at first then Egypt rose

By the help of God, became visible the constancy of Tunis and Egypt

First Bin Ali then Mobarak left the scene

These two were the effects of the effort of Tunis and Egypt