In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet



   Finally, Gaddafi the cruel and blood thirsty ruler went away.

He was a cruel governor, the cruel governor went away.

   Libya was cleaned from his dirty existence by youth's blood

The one who colored the walls and doors by freedom lovers' blood went away.

   He massacred the youths of country while he was laughing

Finally that wicked and mad man with tearful eyes went away.

   He was sick for being blood thirsty and cruelty

Thanks god that the blood thirsty man went away.

   He enjoyed of killing people, men or women

That dirty drunken and agent of slaughter went away

    He plundered the oil of this country he bought power for it for himself

The man who sold his good honor to worthless power went away.

   He caused the flood of blood of youths run in the streets

Finally, in this flood, this despised man went away.

   This shameful man was on power for forty years

Did you see how this empty minded man went away?

     He was cruel in the battle with free men

But by accepting shameful failure this blood thirsty went away.

   He gave a lot of gold to buy the hell

After a lot of obscene acts, he went away.

   He killed thousands of the brave sons of his country

Finally with a big load of curses of the world went away.

   He was the ruler of apostate army for a long time

This sinful ruler, by falling to the depth of hell, went away.  

   He created a memory of hatred and disdain in Arab history

He was a misled leader with hatred went away.

   O, ADIB! Everyone who fights with his own people sheds his own blood

Finally people will thank God that the bloody man went away
ADIB:  2011-9-11