In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


Look at Gaza by two tearful eyes, and see cloud instead of rain sheds blood.
There grows tulips in the children's blood marsh, and the face of flower garden sheds mourning color on the ground.
Bombs by tanks from the ground, and bombs by planes from the sky are thrown and scatter fire and earth on rose faced hearts.     
Infants in cradle, children in schools submerged in their blood and sigh rises from the heart of numerous bereaved ones.  
Sighing, crying and mourning sound is lost in the clamor of fighters thundering sound.
The young child's moaning and the crying of the weak has caused riot in the city of the devotee and selfless guys.
As well as rain runs in the downpipes, blood brooks run to springs on the ground.
Curse upon the war criminal offspring, the Zionists, who kindle a fire in Gaza at the present time.
The storm of unequal war ransacked the structure of existence from the thousands of lives.
Such a cruelty is not human's task; they are fierce beasts in the structure human's mask.
Half a world drowned in grief and disgust by this unmanly war by wicked guys.
Praise is upon the faithful shelter-less people of Palestine who bear and fight against such a great unjust oppression hard.
The cruel people of Zionist were cursed a lot, the people who oppressed men and women who were ready to sacrifice their lives.  
The crime that was caused by the wild race, the Zionist, in this invasion must be put under the ban very much.