In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


Although we are sore-hearted by the turning black eyes

   We have fiery face as well as the horizon of eventide.

Find by a look our sad heart that

  We are allover look by your beautiful sight.

The eyes has seen your face and the heart has wanted

   God knows that we are not guilty in this event at all.

In remembering of your moon like face in the moonlight

  We are effaced by watching of your moon like face in observatory of heart.

We won't take eyes from constellation witness for a while

  Since we are in love with that full moon in all

We're not afraid of kings, emirs, or viziers

   We ourselves are kings in the literary world by heart.

We are headstrong with the enemy but for the friend we are

   The earth under the feet even we have royal crown.

In poems we are arrayal of long couplets

  Till make people know we are arrayal of several arms.

It is a pleasant court and the friend's blessing house

  We have sought refuge from the calamities in this side.

We search the source of favor O' Adib!

   Whether we are in monastery or we are settlers of covet anyhow.