In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet


If you ask what the terrorism is! I would reply, it is a kind of blind crime which is done by a group who is far from social humanity in all.

Such an action which is like the temper of beasts, everyone who does it is a disgusted sabotage.

Don't call such a man a human! A man who enjoys doing such an action is one of the beasts who live with beasts in all.

While he buys a frightful environment by his criminality, no one sells him anything but debauchery goods in life.

One who doesn't feel pity for humans' lives, how we can feel pity for such a wicked guy!

Everywhere there are the agents of terror the lovers of happiness will run away from this spot.

Now terrorism has raised a tumult all over the world that has made impossible for man to rest and or have comfortable life.

A lot of beasts have come out from the jungle and massacring the human beings in every kind.

I wonder what kind of disease the killing of people is that rests in the heart of these wicked guys!

They kill people without any reason; it is enough for them by killing people they get happy in mind!

The soul of the Evil has penetrated their hearts, for the soul of human being can not be so bad at all!

I wish god deprived the rout of such oppression from the world in such a way, not to find an opportunity to appear again at all.